September 27, 2006

Welcome To Tea Time

In Canada, we have tea. In the States, we meet over coffee. But there's something quite elegant about a Royal Albert china tea pot with cup and saucer to beautify the ancient ritual of female bonding. My blog--Tea Time--is designed to be a meeting place for women to bond. If you're male? I do have china mugs, so please don't feel left out. Everyone's invited to tea time!

My first blog is about my granddaughter, to be born tomorrow morning at 7 a.m.--little Evelyn Rose. Five years ago I got to fretting about my children not having children, thinking that by the time they gave birth my arthritis would be so bad I couldn't knit. Then it dawned on me. Why not get started? The knit baby clothes could always sit on a shelf. I began an elaborate pink dress with roses along the skirt. I was working on the frills when Heather announced she was pregnant. Six months later Phil announced he was. Amazing. Some people are convinced that sex leads to pregancy, but I know better. Knitting baby clothes brings babies.

Well, Phil and Heather went on to have boys--Rome and Nathan. Put the pink dress away. Two years later they each have another boy--Kodiak Bay and Jamie. Leave the dress where it is.
But now? Five years later? Phil's wife Katie has come through for Granny Bee. She's to have our only girl in the morning and I'm so excited I can't focus or think straight. I'm to drive down to Munroe tonight, where Phil and Katie live, spend the night, then go to the hospital with them in the morning and await the big debut. Katie has to have a third Ceasarian section--hence the convenience. But yeah, pull out the pink dress!

Oops! Can't find it! I must be the granny getting a bit dotty. But it'll show up and you can bet Granny's girl will be as cute as a bug in a rug in the dress that started it all.

Who has children or grandchildren? Come for tea and share your favorite story of these wee little bundles brand new to life.