February 04, 2007

Easter Candy Begins!

It used to be that Easter was Jesus and the Easter Bunny. Now ressurection and the spring equinox include, yup, The C Shop, Birch Bay's famous candy shop. Because today is the commencement of Easter candy making!

For two weeks Patricia, the ShePat of The C Shop, has been moaning about not getting the lead out of her feet. She's officially a week behind the "big start," the intense ten-week, round-the-clock, labor intensive effort to get all her chocolate bunnies, roosters, teddy bears, frogs, chickies...ready for the Easter Bunny. This afternoon when I got in from grocery shopping there was a phone message: She had the lead out of her toes at last and there were 25 boxes of mint daisies to make. Did I want to come down and do the centers?

Patricia's very famous "white chocolate" mint daisies actually go out all over the county and country year round, but first someone has to make the yellow centers where the mint lives and permiates the flower. This would be me. So here's the "inside" scooby-doo from The C Shop to you.

First, you have to use a lollypop stick--without the lollypop--to transfer very warm "white chocolate" (that's really very yellow) and very very very minty into the daisy centers of the 1 dozen in a sheeted mold. You work beside a heater that keeps your fingers hot, the chocolate smooth, and you make sure you do a perfectly round circle--no spilling or sloppy stuff allowed. If you twitch? You wait for it to cool off, pop it out and start again. I, just so you know, did not have to do that once. Damn, I'm good.

Next? This would be Pat. She squirts in the "white chocolate" on top of the centers, filling in the petals, squirting "white chocolate" kinda like teenagers squirt soft icecream at Dairy Queen. Squit, squirt, squirt, very fast, very impressive.

Then she whacks the mold against a table top, whack, whack, whack, turning the mold, jiggling the chocolate down into the flower pattern.

Then, into the freezer. Sheet after sheet to harden. Rows upon row. Shelves of them. Centers all made by me. Thank you...

Hardened, we pop them out and box. Thirty to a box.

Just in case you're hungry? You can order your very own box--along with all kinds of Easter candy we haven't made yet. The daisies are $13 a box, for the 30 flowers. Shipping runs you more: $18 for the first box; any subsequent box going to the same address is $15.

I might add that $4.50 of every purchase goes to P.E.W., an organization that provides educational opportunities for women through grants, loans, scholarships... So go ahead, treat yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Order via Patrick's web site at: http://www.thecshop.com.

Oh, yeah, nearly forgot. You gotta wash up, so here's Patrick, the HePat of The C Shop, with his new dishwasher--straight from Italy and so hot it sterilizes in minutes...so hot it steams up his glasses! So hot...who's hot?

Speaking of glasses. I broke down and bought bifocals. You gotta let me know what you think. Am I stylin' or what? BTW, FYI, I expect every man in my life to lie through his teeth on this one. Tell me I'm beautiful even with the funny line and I will purr.
Happy Easter!