December 21, 2006

Little Jack Horner
sat in a corner,
eating his Christmas pie.
He stuck in his thumb

and pulled out a plum,

and said,
"What a good boy am I!"

I was surprised to hear so much whining from family and friends over the dirth of news in my "Little Jack Horner" card this year--and I'd sent so few out, too! So I decided to resolve the complaints by writing a Christmas letter on my blog. Here goes...

Many of you have asked about my new house. I've been here a year, and still settling in. It was downright cozy during the big snow storm the day after Thanksgiving. Some of you heard about it on the news. I had snow banking as high as four feet!

A big contributor to feeling more settled is my friendship with the Alesees, owners of Birch Bay's famous C Shop. It's half a block off the beach and just down the hill from me. During the summer Patricia hired me to work part time in the candy side of their candy shop and cafe, and I enjoyed looking out the window every time I scooped ice cream. I was able to keep tabs on the tide and seaside activity--one of the finest summers the Northwest has had in years. We broke all the records for sunshine and heat! A great time to be scooping ice cream, making snow cones, and snitching Patricia's peanutbrittle crumbs!

The C Shop
in the old Birch Bay Resort Hotel
afe on the left, kitchen in the middle, candy shop on the right
Pat and Pat live upstairs

I live behind, up the hill, under the moon

Because the HePat and ShePat have lived here so long, I was introduced to all the locals. At times I felt myself a character in some sort of story book, for the atmosphere is a decided side step in time and perfectly delightful. I was/am surrounded by characters of all kinds that really ought to be in a book! And so I've got this Cozy Mystery series splish-splashing around in my head. It's like right there, but not.

Patricia and I walk the beach and she tells me about the history and all the stories. I borrow her printer--mine was carried out to the garbage in a body bag, hemoraging ink all over the place. Sometimes the three of us--the two Pats and I--go for dinner, a play, a movie. The best, though, is that Patricia invited me to join her writing group. The writing is good, the girl talk fun. I really do enjoy having so many writer friends, and so near me.

I made my first venture back into writing by going to Mt. Hermon last spring. The industry has changed so much I felt a bit like Rip Van Winkle. It remains to be seen whether or not Wilbee is officially Hasbeen.

Before I quit, I have to tell everyone about the plum in my own Christmas pie of 2006. Her name is Evelyn Rose; she was born September 28, my first girl after four boys! We are all tickled pink to have her. Kudos to Katie!

My delight in Evelyn Rose, however, does not diminish my delight in the boys. Rome will be 5 next month, a percocious conversationalist who thinks big things. Nathan is 4 1/2; he lives in his head, his imagination a fascination, and reminds me every time I see him how much he's like his dad. His wheels are spinning, unseen. Kodiak is 2 1/2, a pill. He has to be, to circumvent big brother Rome. Jamie is 2, a cherub child who comes up quietly, tugs on your hand, and cuddles into your arms. Here they all are, lined up on the sofa--only Jamie doesn't suck his thumb and his mama took away his pacifier.

Kody & Jamie & Rome & Nathan

So that's about it for me! Hope this satisfies your curiosity.

Hoping you all find a plum in your pie this year. Merry Christmas and the very best of a Happy New Year!



  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Great post! I wasn't disappointed in your Christmas card - but then I've known what you've been up to all year, so I guess I don't count. :)

  2. Norma Miller7:35 PM

    Thanks for your newsy Christmas card and the one you mailed. And thanks for reconnecting after all these years. Your web site looks great. I'm impressed and touched by your life story and am honored to be included. You did keep that smile on your face, even in your letters. I'm glad you have joy in your life now. I wish you blessings and send you hugs!

  3. Norma, do you have email? I tried your email via the high school--you were involved with the reunion, I gather. Do you still use that? I'm anxious to hear about your family. I still have that great picture of your daughter asleep in the buggy at Greenfield Village. She must 25 now?



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